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Our machinery roots began with Edward W. LaPlant. Four generations ago, E.W. founded LaPlant Choate Equipment in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Specialized in earth moving and road construction equipment, E.W. was a early pioneer in expanding markets overseas, selling equipment spanning from Lithuania to Peru and 20 other countries tween.



Three generations ago, Charles M. Daniel (EW’s son in law), began his career by owning, operating International Harvester dealerships in Cedar Rapids Iowa and later Yakima Washington. 

Chuck was passionate about farming technology, helping develop 3 point attachment systems. 


In 1960, Chuck partnered with his son Edward Daniel to form Omni USA, specializing in powertrain components for OE manufacturers of tractors and implements.


In 1980 as the PRC and USA normalized relations, Edward Daniel pioneered commercial relationships with manufacturers from China. Fostering early technology transfers, creating industrial partnerships, Edward Daniel developed bilateral trade with government leaders and later Chinese entrepreneurs to create value for OEs.


The fourth generation took leadership in 1984, establishing engineering and distribution centers in Houston. In 1989, Jeff Daniel started one of the first commercial representative offices of its kind in China, expanding Omni Gear’s engineering, quality management and logistic partnerships based from Shanghai


In 1994, Craig Daniel established Shanghai Omni Gear Co., Ltd., in the Jiading District of Shanghai. Focused on planetary and parallel shaft fixed ratio transmissions, Omni Gear partnered with Valmont, Toro, Terex and Columbus McKinnon and several other OEs. Today, we’re a global supplier, with OE customers in over 40 countries supported with localized engineering, manufacturing and commercial teams.