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Commercial Highway Powertrain.  Torque.  Power.  Quiet Endurance. 


Omni Gear commercial duty highway electric powertrain is designed, tested & built for tomorrow's energy efficient vehicles.  Proprietary gear tooth design provides class leading combination of efficiency, noise, harshness.  Patent pending clutchless multi-speed transmissions give BEV and PHEV vehicles low speed acceleration and on-highway efficiency.  Complete system engineering for MGU/MCU/VCU/GBX and cooling.




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Omni Gear’s 600Nm input rated parallel shaft reducer for light commercial duty powertrain.  Available with either integrated or bolt on PMAC motor, cable or CAN enabled park lock (or delete), 14 different ratio options to match performance specifications, more...




Omni Gear’s 3 speed transmission for BEV, PHEV vehicles.  Input rated to 600Nm.  Clutchless, synchronized full machine control shifting in less than 150ms.  Integral park lock.  Multiple gear ratio options in each gear, suitable for Class 2b to Class 3 powertrain,  more...




Omni Gear’s 2500Nm input rated parallel shaft reducer for heavy duty commercial powertrain.  Available with bolt on motors from 1000 to 2500 Nm, multiple gear ratios to match performance specifications, more...